im the queen of hearts in this deck of cards.

and to me, she's the one card people just throw out when they want to play the game, with no purpose.



this trifle i made pretty damn nice


Title: Swaggerific

Artist: Verbz

Played: 2 times

But do you really know 

okay that one and the first one are the only ones that matter


pettydavis replied to your post “ranking the bring it on franchise”

which one was rihanna on?

Bring it On All or Nothing aka the one where Solange nearly recreated the iconic Obsessed scene and beat down a crazy white girl

solange version best doe

thts a cute wrong opinion but Blaque as cheerleaders are the bst thing about the entire series #RIPNatina

ranking the bring it on franchise

  • Bring It On
  • Bring It On Solange version
  • Bring It On Christina Millian and tacky uniforms version
  • Bring it On with literally no one of note except for damn Hayley from One Tree Hill and her filming this role meant that Nayley nearly broke up version
  •  Bring It On with no one actually of note