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Something cool I found out about Maori Culture





"Mana" is the Maori word for "power".
well guess what the Maori word for “women” is. “Mana Wahine”

Power is inherent in their concept of women and I think that’s pretty darn cool. 

uh nah the word for woman is just wahine, not mana wahine

I think it’s both, a friend of mine is doing a dance show in New Zealand called Mana Wahine all about the power within women and I asked her and she said it was right, but I could be wrong!

as someone who is māori, i’m telling you that the word for woman is wahine

mana wahine is the power/kaha within a wahine/wahine toa

also power dosent necessarily mean mana, right.. What I mean is John Key would have power but I wouldn’t say he has mana… Like I’m not Maori but for I know there’s similar expressions in other Pasifika cultures.. I’m not explaining it well but Pasifika mana is complex

Title: Right Thurr

Artist: Chingy

Played: 9343 times



Right Thurr - Chingy



*this one black guy says its ok so cultural appropriation isn’t an issue anymore*

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Then this legit Zayn Malik lookalike came in I was #hurt

*tells driver to roll up the partition*

*tells driver to roll up the partition*

Wycliff Palu is like ultimate *blackberryshawty voice* unf goals

aeee it’s that Fijian girl

aeee it’s that Fijian girl

*beyhydration era voice* new beyoncé single

Hey heauxs can you guys vote for Miss Fiji on this facebook poll thingy
It’s Fiji - Charlene Sulueti Tafuna’i

I don’t understand how calling people a name of a damn stallion is supposed to be a compliment and not dehumanising

also I don’t know why I didn’t expect to be filled with Eurocentric trolls lol